Aerobic Advantages
Sustainable Aerobic Landfill Technologies
  • Odours, a major "not in my back yard (NIMBY)" issue, are virtually eliminated
  • Greenhouse gases are mitigated
  • More GHG credits are generated and in significantly less time than any other technology
  • Leachate is contained and eliminated prior to any seepage
  • Leachate can be used as a moisture source (vastly reducing the volume and improving the quality)
  • Air quality is significantly improved
  • Landfill life is greatly extended
  • Groundwater contamination is mitigated
  • Existing contaminated groundwater can be remediated
  • Wastewater sludge can be processed (reducing the impact on overburdened water treatment facilities)
  • Closed landfills can be recycled or recovered for higher value uses
  • New landfill approval and related infrastructure requirements are eliminated 
  • Existing landfill footprints can be dramatically reduced, requiring space for only 5 to 6 years of waste
  • Post-closure perpetual maintenance is eliminated
  • Safety systems can be examined and repaired as required after the landfill is mined
  • Valuable resources can be recovered
  • Landfills can be reused as recycling centers (becoming assets - NOT liabilities)
  • Communities can recycle their own waste eliminating  costly transfers to other sites
  • Compost can be used for daily cover, construction, non-food agricultural use, municipal or personal use, or clean fill
  • Costly blue box & green box programs can be eliminated
  • Only one collection stream is required
  • Closed landfills, with environmental issues, can be remediated at minimal cost
  • Pre-sorting of recyclables, a manually intensive, costly and extremely hazardous process for workers  (chemicals, needles, broken glass, propane tanks and other hazards) can be eliminated

For more information, follow the link:  The Sustainable Landfill (pdf)
SALT's aerobic process resolves more environmental and operational issues, more effectively and efficiently, than any other landfill technology.

The many advantages include: